Foti Rent in Lipari, few minutes from Sottomonastero harbour, own a major brands of vehicle. Foti Rent is also a spare parts shop with a mechanical workshop. The great quality service mixed with the passion for our islands are the perfect result of our job, with the purpose to make our costumer satisfied and share our love for our beautiful islands. In our shop you will find hospitality, courtesy and all the suggestions to live the best experience to live our islands. We will also suggest the best restaurants, bar and boat trip agency.

Tranquillity, safety, comfort

Our service is flexible and top quality Rent a vehicle with us is easy. You can choose the vehicle you prefer and we will provide all the extra without problems. You only have to pick up the scooter and go discover the island. You can easily reach every point of Lipari. For example Canneto, Pumice quarries, Porticello and Acquacalda. The panoramic point of Quattropani, San Calogero, panoramic view of Quattrocchi and observatory of Lipari. All of our scooters are for two carries two people and the two helmets are included in the price of rent and also RCA insurance.



Noleggio Auto e Scooter a Lipari - Foti Rent

Reliability 100%

Our scooters brands are chosen for quality

Noleggio Auto e Scooter a Lipari - Foti Rent


Email us for any doubt about the conditions.

Noleggio Auto e Scooter a Lipari - Foti Rent


Choose our cars or scooters, it’s easy!

Be careful while driving!

All of our scooter are for two person. Remind that the helmets are obligatory to wear for you and your passenger. In Italy the helmets are obligatory to use also for the small scooter for the driver and the passenger.

Rent a car in Lipari

Discover the island following your needs with tranquility.

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Top maintenance, always checked and guarantee.
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