Most beautiful beaches in Lipari.

Maritime destination loved by italians and not only, the Aeolian Islands are truly fascinating archipelago to be discovered.

Vulcanic black sand beaches, rocks and cliffs, a beautiful sea with many activities , from boat trip to diving.

Places to swim in Lipari?

Canneto beach

It is enclosed in a wide and long bay characterized by gravel and sand, but above all by clear waters and shallow waters. All this makes it ideal for all types of visitors, even families with children.

The well-equipped beach offers rental of umbrellas and sunbeds, rental of sports equipment and pedal boats, in addition to the fact that in the near areas it is surrounded by restaurants and bars.


  • Where it is: it is located on the east coast of the island of Lipari, close to the town of the same name and not far from the harbour of Lipari, from which it is just 10 minutes away by car.

Spiaggia di Canneto

Ex White Beaches

This beach is enclosed between imposing cliffs and behind vegetation, while the ground is completely covered with stones and pebbles and the waters are of an intense turquoise that offers beautiful views of the seabed.

There is a bathing establishment with bar, restaurant and games for children. It is an ideal beach to relax.

  • Where it is: it is located on the east coast of the Lipari island, also in Canneto, almost 5 kilometers from the harbour, from which it can be reached in about 15 minutes via the Statale 180 road.
Ex White Beaches

Acquacalda beach

It takes the name of the homonymous village. Here the seabed, thanks to the pumice sediments deposited in the sea over the years, have a very characteristic color. The Acquacalda area in Lipari is very similar to Canneto.

Its name derives from the presence of ancient thermal springs, which have now disappeared. It is located close to the volcanic cone of Mount Chirica.

This place has an indissoluble bond with the pumice stone.

  • Where it is: located on the east coast of the Lipari island, in the locality of Acquacalda, almost 10 kilometers from the port, from which it can be reached in about 20 minutes via the Statale 180 road.
Acquacalda beach

The Valle Muria beach

It is a beach of remarkable scenic beauty closed by two rocky promontories, and opposite it offers the suggestive view of Vulcano and the Faraglioni of Pietra Lunga and Pietra Menalda.

The coast is of coarse-grained dark sand, bathed by a beautiful clear blue water.

Along the southern wall you can see some small caves dug by man as a shelter within the soft tufaceous rocks.

  • Where it is: it is located on the west coast of the Lipari island, near the Quattrocchi viewpoint. It can be reached by sea, by boat, starting from the small port of Marina Corta. By scooter along the road that, from the Port of Sottomonastero, leads to Pianoconte. Shortly before reaching the Quattrocchi viewpoint you will have to turn left and take the descent. At the sign “Valle Muria”, you will have to park and continue on foot. From there, a path between stones and sand will lead you directly to the beach. The journey takes about 10 minutes.
The Valle Muria beach

Rent your scooter and enjoy Lipari!

The island of Lipari is extremely enjoyable on two wheels.

It is, in fact, possible to rent a scooter from Foti Rent and reach the beaches independently.


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